South Carolina Amateur Radio Emergency Services - Our Purpose

In section 97.1 of the Amateur Radio Services rules, the FCC describes the fundamental purpose of the Amateur Radio Service.  The basis and purpose of the Amateur Radio Service include five principles:

  1. Recognition and enhancement of the value of the amateur service to the public as a voluntary, noncommercial communications service, particularly with respect to providing emergency communications
  2. Continuation and extension of the amateur's proven ability to contribute to the advancement of the radio art.
  3. Encouragement and improvement of the amateur radio service through the rules which provide for advancing skills in both the communications and technical phase of the art.
  4. Expansion of the existing revision with in the amateur radio service of trained operators, technicians and electronics experts.
  5. Continuation and extension of the amateur's unique ability to enhance good will.

This is what the ARES program is all about and what  A.R.E.S. Units strives for in all its members